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Meet Lorenzo Santavicca

Senior, Eisenhower High School
Attending the James Madison College at Michigan State University

Lorenzo Santavicca

Lorenzo's Story

My Utica Community Schools story begins in fourth grade when my parents moved to Utica Community Schools and transferred me from a private school to Beacon Tree Elementary. Any concern they may have had about leaving a private school setting were quickly resolved in a welcoming and challenging setting where my siblings and I have thrived over the past nine years.

My parents have said that Utica Community Schools was the determining factor for moving to Macomb Township. They knew the reputation of the school district as one of this area's best school districts. They were also confident I would grow in an environment that includes academic rigor, multiple course and community involvement opportunities, and a nuturing educational environment.

I think Utica Community Schools has exceeded my family's expectations in education. My siblings and I have excelled through the wide range of opportunities available in Michigan's second largest school district. I have succeeded in a traditional setting that featured Beacon Tree Elementary, Shelby Junior High School and the comprehensive Eisenhower High School. My brother will be enrolling next year in the Utica Academy for International Studies. And my little sister is in the Mandarin Chinese program at Oakbrook Elementary. We have all followed different paths to success that could only be found in this district.

My future plans include attending Michigan State University to study political science at the James Madison College.  I plan to use my college education to prepare for a life of public service where I can ensure the next generation has the same experiences I have had growing up in this community.

In addition to providing me choices and opportunities, Utica Community Schools has helped me to develop the leadership skills and confidence that will take me to my next level. Starting in ninth grade, I became involved with the Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee. Working with Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns, I have been able to advocate for different goals and opportunities for all students, particularly in the area of technology. At Eisenhower, I was involved in student council and elected president of the National Honor Society. These leadership opportunities were supported by the course offerings I had in school.

When you say UCS means success, I really think it is the blend of people and programs that come together in our schools. I believe the district definitely offers the best to everybody. My teachers have pushed me to the point where I see the purpose behind what I am learning.

One day I want to change the way the country works and how it serves the people it represents. I have realized this goal by being involved with AP classes in the social studies department and my leadership activities. I have clearly seen this is what I want to do when I grow up. The people in Utica Community Schools have backed me up by saying yes, you can do this. I can smile at the end of the day and say yes, I agree, this is who I am. 


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