Meet Ray Lope


William Sullivan & Son Funeral Directors
Charter Member - UCS Foundation for Educational Excellence


Ray's Story

My story in Utica Community Schools really begins with the company I co-own - William Sullivan & Son Funeral Home - which has been in operation for more than 100 years. I started being involved with the district more than 30 years ago with the YMCA basketball program and grew to other involvement activities, including being a charter member of the Utica Community Schools Foundation for Educational Excellence.

Utica Community Schools has always been considered a leader in the State of Michigan. As a business owner, one of the things I have really appreciated about the district is the incredible amount of talent I have seen in the staff members.

The strength of the school district and the talented staff members are important to business owners. It protects the investment that you have made in a community and maintains vibrant and attractive neighborhoods. This not only attracts further business to the area, but it ensures that students in our community are graduating with skills necessary to compete for the best jobs of tomorrow.

I have also appreciated the way our district leaders are adapting our programs to ensure graduates leave the schools with a competitive edge. Change is inevitable. But when you look at the improvements that are being made in our schools, that change is intentional. In particular, Utica Community Schools has always been at the forefront of changes in the area of technology.

In addition to supporting businesses, the quality of Utica Community Schools contributes to strong residential areas in our community. When you look at the system as a whole, there really is not one thing you can point to as a glaring need for improvement. I believe very strongly that the branding of Utica Community Schools does mean success for its community and graduates.

Utica Community Schools Board of Education

Dr. Carol Klenow, President / Gene L. Klida, Vice President / Michele Templeton, Secretary / Dr. Robert A. Ross, Treasurer
Jennifer L. Prybys, Trustee / Ken Krolczyk, Trustee / Dr. Mary K. Thomas, Trustee
Dr. Christine Johns, Superintendent of Schools
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