Meet Danny Haidar

UCS Senior
Utica Academy for International Studies

Studying Government and Linguistics
at Columbia University


Danny's Story

My story in Utica Community Schools begins in kindergarten when my father moved to the community. We came to this area because it has the best public schools, which my father wanted for myself and my sister. I attended Plumbook Elementary, Jeannette Junior High School and the Utica Academy for International Studies - the district's International Baccalaureate program.

Utica Community Schools has provided me opportunities that I may have not have received in other school districts. Because of these opportunities, I have been accepted to some of the best colleges and universities throughout the country. I plan to study government and linguistics to pursue a career in politics. I would like to take these experiences into government so I can replicate the opportunities here in Utica Community Schools. I want students from across the nation to have the same access to a quality public education, no matter their background.

Utica Community Schools teachers are dedicated to developing the entire student. Our teachers want their students to leave on the last day of school with more than just textbook knowledge. They want their students to have skills and principles.

If I had a friend who was considering moving into Utica Community Schools, I would tell them they have a rare opportunity to receive a high quality education through multiple options. Our students receive quality educations in comprehensive high schools, or the Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology, Center for Science and Industry, or the Utica Academy for International Studies.

I have thrived with all of the opportunities in Utica Community Schools and am extremely grateful to this community for providing me with such a high quality education.

Utica Community Schools Board of Education

Dr. Carol Klenow, President / Gene L. Klida, Vice President / Michele Templeton, Secretary / Dr. Robert A. Ross, Treasurer
Jennifer L. Prybys, Trustee / Ken Krolczyk, Trustee / Dr. Mary K. Thomas, Trustee
Dr. Christine Johns, Superintendent of Schools
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