Meet Amy Freigruber

Professor at Macomb Community College and Rochester College

Michael Freigruber

Eisenhower High School, Class of 1991

Matthew - Bemis Junior High School



Amy's Story

I am proud to be part of four generations of Utica Community Schools families. My grandfather and father attended Utica High School. My brother and I are graduates of Eisenhower High School, and our son Mathew is a student at Bemis Junior High School. I am currently a professor at Macomb Community College and Rochester College and am the founder of a non-profit organization. I attribute my successes to the teachers and administrators who helped guide me through my K-12 education. I am always proud to say I am a Utica Community Schools graduate, and even more proud to say I am the parent of a Utica Community Schools student.

The main reason my husband and I chose to stay in this area was Utica Community Schools. My brother's experiences are a large part of that decision. He was a special education student at a time when a lot was not known about disabilities. In fact, doctors used to tell my parents that my brother would never live on his own and would be dependent on someone else for the rest of his life. Today, my brother lives on his own, works locally and is tremendously successful. I credit the nurturing staff at his former school - Ebeling Elementary - for being ahead of their time in working with students with special needs.

My son is now a seventh-grader at Bemis Junior High School. He is thriving in an environment that is challenging him academically and is supportive of his love for athletics. He maintains straight As and his teachers are always there for him and his parents.He is enjoying Spanish 1 with Mrs. Eichhorn. He really looks up to her a lot and she is always there to help him through email or after school.

Our hopes and dreams for him are that he is happy and that able to keep life simple. The school district supports these goals by creating an environment where he is exploring his interests and getting well-prepared for college.

UCS is a large school district, but the community is really a close family - especially if you grew up in this area. Every member of the school district - administrators, teachers and support staff - were supportive when I was in school and they still are today. I still talk to many of my teachers and former principals.

All four generations of my family have always recommended Utica Community Schools to families looking for a strong district. We encourage them move here, become involved, and get ready for a wonderful experience. You cannot ask for a better place to live or a better school district for your kids.

Utica Community Schools Board of Education

Dr. Carol Klenow, President / Gene L. Klida, Vice President / Michele Templeton, Secretary / Dr. Robert A. Ross, Treasurer
Jennifer L. Prybys, Trustee / Ken Krolczyk, Trustee / Dr. Mary K. Thomas, Trustee
Dr. Christine Johns, Superintendent of Schools
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