Meet Krista Bur

Utica Community Schools graduate
Henry Ford II High School

Self-published author
Co-Founder Michigan Authors Syndicate

Graduate Student



Krista's Story

My story in Utica Community Schools began when I was eight years old and my family moved to Sterling Heights. My mother was a teacher who was well aware of the high quality education in Utica Community Schools. She knew this was the best place for our education and how my brother and I would grow in the district. I attended Havel Elementary, Bemis Junior High School and graduated from Henry Ford II High School.

I have recently self-published a book called The Hidden that I started working on when I was in junior high school. I am also one of five co-founders of the Michigan Authors Syndicate for others who are interested in learning more about self-publishing their work. In addition to my writing career, I am a graduate student in child and adolescent counseling.

Utica Community Schools nurtured my love of writing. The Hidden is dedicated to all of my teachers, but I mentioned two in particular - Mrs. Zita Burton and Mr. Mark Julien. Mrs. Burton was my fifth grade teacher and really pushed me to enjoy my writing and explore it. During that year, I was very proud of the book I created through the Young Authors program.

In high school, Mr. Julien encouraged and challenged me to become the writer I am today. I still keep an essay I wrote in his class where he remarked that my writing was "astounding" and very concise. He was such a great critic of our work that I knew from that comment that I was capable of writing anything. I kept the paper and would look at it if I was struggling or was experiencing writer's block.

I would definitely encourage anyone looking for a strong district to enroll in Utica Community Schools. The district offers numerous academic programs, extracurricular opportunities and athletic offerings. No matter what their children's interest may be, a family is going to find something that will challenge and meet their unique needs in this district.

I was fortunate to have amazing teachers who went above and beyond from the moment I entered the district in second grade. They challenged me and took my learning so much beyond the classroom and our textbooks. My teachers are the ones who are responsible for creating the person I am today.

Utica Community Schools Board of Education

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Ken Krolczyk, Trustee / Dr. Mary K. Thomas, Trustee / Denyeal Nesovski, Trustee
Dr. Christine Johns, Superintendent of Schools
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