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Meet Brandon Manzella

Principal, Eppler Junior High School

1990 Graduate - Utica High School

Marchon Manzella, Ford II Graduate

Kyle - Beacon Tree Elementary
Lauren - Beacon Tree Elementary


Brandon's Story


My parents moved to this community when I was in junior high school. My parents were educators and they moved here for one reason - Utica Community Schools. They wanted the best for their children. I started at Eppler Junior High where I am now the principal and continued through Utica High.

My wife Marchon attended Utica Community Schools and graduated from Henry Ford II High School. Like our parents, we want the best education possible for our children - Kyle and Lauren - and have them enrolled in our district. They are both students at Beacon Tree Elementary and will eventually attend Shelby Junior High School and Utica High School.

Even though we're a huge district, Utica Community Schools is still a small family. We take care of our kids. We want to make sure all of our students are truly successful when they leave us.

The rapport that our staff members build with the students is what makes the difference in Utica Community Schools. If students know that you care about them, they will be successful. The teachers at Eppler and throughout Utica Community Schools are committed to our students and their achievement.

I think Utica Community Schools is an exemplary district that is only getting better. When I was in school, education was very systematic and delivered in very much the same manner for all students. However, with the recent changes to our economy, we need to reshape the way we deliver education to our students. We now look at the unique skills of each student and what they need to be successful. Technology allows us to individualize the educational experiences of each of our students. I don’t think you find that in every school district, and I think that makes our district truly stand out.

My kids are in Utica Community Schools because I truly believe our school district will take them to that next level. They will develop skills here that will allow them to have a better life them their parents. That is something every parent wants for children.


Utica Community Schools Board of Education

Gene L. Klida, President / Michele Templeton,Vice President/ Dr. Robert A. Ross, Treasurer / Jennifer L. Prybys, Secretary
Ken Krolczyk, Trustee / Dr. Mary K. Thomas, Trustee / Denyeal Nesovski, Trustee
Dr. Christine Johns, Superintendent of Schools
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